Re: Ohio Hobby Shops - Any Good Ones?

Shawn Beckert

Dave Siegfried wrote:

The reports on the shops given so far are accurate-- for northeast Ohio
standards (I am a native). I don't know where you are from, but Ohio
standards PALE (to say the least) when compared to the shops in Jersey (even
South Jersey) and Newark/Philadelphia. Anyone not modeling modern railroads
can do no "window shopping" here. Thank God for e-Bay.
I'm from Southern California, and I'll admit that I'm probably spoiled by the
likes of the Whistle Stop in Pasadena and Allied Hobbies down in Culver City.
I was hoping that there might be at least one hobby shop in Ohio that I could
escape to while visiting in-laws that I've never met up until now :-(

I've been informed that we'll be in the Columbus area as well when we're back
there. Guess I'll have to get hold of the local yellow pages and see what's in
the neighborhood...

Shawn Beckert

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