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This type of boxcar construction seems pretty standard for that
period. The side sill channel and channel end sills are quite
distinctive. With the visible side sill channel, it looks like it's a
flat car with a box on it.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
The MDC 36-ft house car body seems to fit many prototype applications.
John Nehrich has several examples on his web site. I have a "not
completely finished" M-13 that uses the MDC body with a scratched
built underframe. I recall the major dimensions are about correct
(EW, EH and the height to the top of the eaves and running boards.

Here are a few more box cars and reefers of a similar construction:

Hmm, the CNJ car on this page may have a straight center sill. Or
it's just really shallow.

To me it looks like it has straight center sills. This seems
reasonable since the side and end sills are "taller" compared to the
ones in the other photos. These members probably provided sufficient
mechnaical strength without the need for fishbelley center sills.
Remember also these early cars with steel underframes still had wood
framing under the sheathing rather than steel used in later designs so
there was little or no structural support provide to the car as a
whole. Your example is essentially correct. These early house cars
were wood boxes resting on steel platforms.

Bob Witt

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