Re: Jack Delano Photo - Proviso Yard 12-42 WEOX-264 (WLOX?)

Ian Cranstone

On 6-Apr-05, at 2:35 AM, Thomas M. Olsen wrote:

When printing the emails and photos to be added to the my freight car
files, I found that I could not identify the company whose reporting
marks matched this car. The earliest ORER I have is January 1950 (eff.
Oct. '49). As the photo was quite dark, I put it through Photoshop to
lighten it slightly. In the lightened photo, the car initials appear to
be "WLOX" rather than "WEOX." I have attached the lightened photo for

This may just be an illusion, and if it is, then the original ID was
correct. Either way, to whom would either of these two reporting marks
be assigned to in 1942? Can we trace this car into 1953 knowing that
tank car owners and/or lessors changed many times over the years.
I had a quick look at my list of reporting marks, and can only find the WEOX ones listed. As far as I can tell, WLOX has never been used. Since I have referenced issues from 1941 and 1943 in the preparation of this list, it would seem unlikely that WLOX marks existed in 1942.

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Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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