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Denny, I don't mean to offend.

I guess my point (which was definitely made with a bit more fervor than was called-for - a blanket accusation is never a good tactic) is that people are dismissing these couplers for very inconsistent reasons.

To your point: standard NMRA trackage is grossly oversized, and even .088" wheels are pretty big, especially in the flanges :-)

I'll have to try one of these new Sergents in a scale draft gear box, or at least something closer to scale. I had my old Sergents installed in standard Kadee #58 draft gear boxes (sans-springs), which were fairly narrow, as I recall, and they worked fine.


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> Personally, I think the draft gear box is being used as an excuse for folks to not have to
>bother with couplers other than the usual suspects. The same folks that believe the draft
>gear box is a huge issue and really make it non-usable for appearance reasons, also
>have wheelsets that are 2x as wide as the prototype.

Hm-mm. Pretty brave accusation about people who are strangers to the sender.

Many of us who are desiring scale sized coupler boxes are also happily operating
hundreds of cars daily with .088" wheels, and would go to wheels even more narrow if
standard NMRA trackage would allow it.


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