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While we are on the subject of the Intermountain milk reefers, what areas of the country would these particular cars most likely have been found?

Baker's Chocolate
Consumers Dairy Co.
Sheffield Farms
Whiting Milk Co.
Sheffield Farms was a brand of the National Dairy Products Corporation which operated in many states east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Borden Company whose logos included Elsie the Cow, and later Elmer's of glue fame, operated dairies in 24 states according to the 1958 Moody's Industrial across the country although their major milk area seemed to be in the New York Metro Area.

Whiting operated creameries in New Hampshire and Vermont for the Boston marketing area.

According to a 1955 B&M passenger car consist schedule, there was a Boston to Rochester NY (NYC) milk car scheduled. It is quite possible that this car carried milk for some chocolate company like Baker's or Milky Way, but I don't know the particulars of what the locations for manufacture these chocolate companies had.

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