Re: B&O Class M-41 boxcar modeling

Mark Heiden

Hi Eric,

Do you have an item number for the Bethlehem Car Works underframe?
Even if it isn't listed on the current site, that might help to track
them down. Is it a part designed to fit the MDC/Roundhouse cars, or
more generic?

Mark Heiden

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The Western Maryland had some similar DS boxcars, and I have a
on the program to build for my circa 1926 HO scale layout. I have
builders images of the WM and BR&P cars I bought from Keith
Retterer. They have several similarities, including the IL and
fishbelly underframe. I was looking at a quick and dirty
using MDC/Roundhouse old time boxcars and substituting a
Car Works fishbelly underframe. Here's their website, but this
is not listed:

After test fitting the underframe and examining the prototype
photos, I may just scratchbuild the box to fit the frame. This
follow the prototype as it seems the box structure sits on top of
the sills instead of overlapping them. I still need to compare
height to the running boards on this project, but there are a few
more things to finish up before I progress on these cars.

The underframes are $5 each. You may want to pick up one or two
see how you want to approach modeling these cars. These comments
materials are for HO scale models.

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