Re: B&O Class M-41 boxcar modeling

Mark Heiden

Hi Bob,

Does the MDC/Roundhouse car match the outside length of the M-13 (or
M-41 for that matter)? I was playing with the contrast function of
my graphics program today and discovered the fishbelly side sill on
the M-13 that you wrote about earlier. Could the Westerfield M-15 be
kitbashed into an M-13? The Indestructable ends seem a rather
daunting challenge to me!

Mark Heiden
--- In STMFC@..., "rwitt_2000" <rmwitt@i...> wrote:

The MDC 36-ft house car body seems to fit many prototype
John Nehrich has several examples on his web site. I have a "not
completely finished" M-13 that uses the MDC body with a scratched
built underframe. I recall the major dimensions are about correct
(EW, EH and the height to the top of the eaves and running boards.

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