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tells you up front that they are not compatible with any of the
Kadee-type couplers, and that the couplers have to been aligned, and
the knuckles opened by hand- serious issues for most for even casual
The prototype operations crowd should love this. I have read and been
a part of discussions about including time for simulated brake tests,
to take out the slack, for the brakeman to walk back to the caboose,
etc. Think of all the prototype operations you need to perform with
the Sergent coupler--centering, opening the knuckle--and because the
fit together tighter there's a more prototypical spacing between cars.
Part of the interest in adding these functions to your model
operations is to lengthen operating time because of the closer
distances between model stations as compared to the prototype. The
Sergent couplers being available assembled and painted has about
convinced me what coupler I am going to choose. I have communicated
with Frank Sergent and he says that scale width draftgear are being
considered and will probably be developed in the future, albeit not
the very near future.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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