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Does the MDC/Roundhouse car match the outside length of the M-13
M-41 for that matter)? I was playing with the contrast function of
my graphics program today and discovered the fishbelly side sill on
the M-13 that you wrote about earlier. Could the Westerfield M-15
be kitbashed into an M-13? The Indestructable ends seem a rather
daunting challenge to me!

MDC body basically matches the car body of the M-13 if one reduces the
height of the ends by removing some of the bottom so the wood sides
overlap the side-sills. I have no scale drawings so I compared the
dimensions to those on the drawings supplied in the Pro Custom Hobbies
I-16 caboose kit (These were rebuilt in WWII from M-13 box cars) and
those on Equipment Diagrams I obtained much later.

Depending upon your modeling standards one could fashion a Westerfield
PRR XL box car into a B&O M-13. There are many similarities and both
box cars were designed around the time the PRR controlled the B&O. If
you ask nicely maybe Al Westerfield would sell you some Indestructible
ends as parts. The end sills and poling pockets will be a challenge.
The XL may be a better choice than the M-15 as the XL and M-13
underframes are very similar with a more shallow fish belly. Now if
Al would just make kits for the various class M-13 ...

I hope this helps,

Bob Witt

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