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I suspect that the so called "Golden Age for model railroaders "is over
and is now being replaced by the "Golden age for the distributor's".Our gold
in their pockets.Distributors do not produce or develop products.Armand

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I was sad to see Marty leave Intermountain, and hope that wherever he
goes, he rejoins our group. Does anyone know if he is moving out of
Colorado, and what he will be doing?

I picked up tidbits here the other day that Marty was not the only one
to leave Intermountain. Does anyone know what is happening there, and
how it is likely to affect us?
For Marty personally, this may be good news if it means that he'll
finally have time for his own modeling.

For the rest of us, it's almost certain to be bad news. Intermountain
recently issued a press release announcing that Matt Gaudynski has been
appointed vice-president of engineering and research. They describe
him as being knowledgeable and highly qualified in prototype research,
but I'd be surprised if anyone on this list has ever heard of him, and
that's not a good sign.

Richard Hendrickson

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