Intermountain's "Milk" Car - GPEX to CMWX....When?

Shawn Beckert


Thanks to Brian Ehni's generosity in sharing photos, I was made
aware of just how long the prototype for Intermountain's latest
kit lasted in service - far longer than I would have expected
for a car of this vintage. A casual look through the April, 1959
ORER last night showed that the GPEX series was still very much
in existence. I couldn't find mention of the CMWX reporting marks,
which is confusing (or maybe I just missed it) because according
to the "Reporting Marks" web page, "CMWX" was in existence from
January 1941 to January 1975.

Another wierd thing - One would assume that CMWX belonged to the
Chateau Martin Winery, since photos show the cars with these marks
painted in the Chateau purple scheme with billboard lettering. It
didn't, though - it belonged to the Commodities Car Company. Quite
a coincidence, and a bit misleading.

Now, GPEX belonged to General American-Pfaudler from July 1930 to
October 1966, so there's some overlap between this and the use of
the CMWX mark. So I can't really pin down when the GPEX "milk" cars
became the CMWX "wine" cars. Worse yet, browsing the internet this
morning revealed no information on the Chateau Martin Winery, so I
can't even hazard a guess as to when this company came into being,
much less when they acquired a fleet of wine cars.

Does anyone have better information on when General American sold/
leased/gave these cars to the Chateau Martin Winery, assuming it's
not way beyond the time limit of our list?


Shawn Beckert

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