Re: Intermountain's "Milk" Car - GPEX to CMWX....When?

Ian Cranstone

On 7-Apr-05, at 1:05 PM, Beckert, Shawn wrote:

Thanks to Brian Ehni's generosity in sharing photos, I was made
aware of just how long the prototype for Intermountain's latest
kit lasted in service - far longer than I would have expected
for a car of this vintage. A casual look through the April, 1959
ORER last night showed that the GPEX series was still very much
in existence. I couldn't find mention of the CMWX reporting marks,
which is confusing (or maybe I just missed it) because according
to the "Reporting Marks" web page, "CMWX" was in existence from
January 1941 to January 1975.
You must have just missed in Shawn — I see an entry for the Commodities
Car Co., Inc. on page 649, with what I presume are the relevant cars
listed in various series from CMWX 106-153. It would seem that the CMWX reporting mark was added sometime between 4/1938 and 1/1941 -- one
of these days I will work on entering data from an ORER between these

Another wierd thing - One would assume that CMWX belonged to the
Chateau Martin Winery, since photos show the cars with these marks
painted in the Chateau purple scheme with billboard lettering. It
didn't, though - it belonged to the Commodities Car Company. Quite
a coincidence, and a bit misleading.
Actually, what probably happened here is that Chateau Martin Winery
leased these cars from the Commodities Car Company from day one, and
the reporting marks were created for their exclusive use. This wasn't
uncommon in the industry, and continues today (DMLX is used only for
Dominion Milling Ltd. cars, and has always been listed by GE since the
reporting mark's inception in 2000).

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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