Re: Intermountain's "Milk" Car - GPEX to CMWX....When?

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Beckert, Shawn wrote:
Another wierd thing - One would assume that CMWX belonged to the
Chateau Martin Winery, since photos show the cars with these marks
painted in the Chateau purple scheme with billboard lettering. It
didn't, though - it belonged to the Commodities Car Company. Quite
a coincidence, and a bit misleading.
Why you think this is "weird" is unclear. It is certainly no coincidence that "CMW" are the initials of the winery, and quite possibly the small CMWX fleet was entirely dedicated to the winery's use. The car company being separate is a device used by many entities; it may well have been owned by the parent company of Chateau Martin, or may simply have been a lessor set up in order to get CMW's business.

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