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Couldn't resist,Central Valley and Silver Streak kits were not all that

bad nor were the early Globes.Armand Premo----- Original Message -----
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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
those of us who were around in the '40s and '50s wax too nostalgic
about "the good old days," let's be honest about the fact that most of
the old wood and cardboard freight car kits were painfully crude by
current standards and that the early plastic "shake the box" kits,
though easy to assemble, were as bad or worse in their own way . . .
Speaking only for myself and Denny, there is no nostalgia for the
QUALITY of those kits, though perhaps some for the emotional
attachment. Both of us were reacting to the statement earlier that we
should be glad we didn't have to learn modeling on those "tough" kits.
We sure did learn some modeling and I don't regret any of it, though as
Richard says, detail parts including trucks were appallingly crude by
comparison to today's products. But that wasn't the topic.

. . . Improvements in quality and accuracy haven't made converts of the
perpetual train set bozos in the hobby, just widened the gap between
them and the serious scale modelers.
Well said and very true. Let's not confuse serious modeling
with bozo "modeling" (as Tony Koester once famously said, "they're not
modeling anything, they're just having fun with trains").

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