Re: Tank car dangerous goods warning placards in the 1950s?


Thanks Rob and Tony for clarifing that. Any idea as to when
codes/numbers came into use for specific commodities? It seems that
these older placards didn't refer to specific commodities but just
stated" inflammable" etc..


--- In STMFC@..., Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@s...> wrote:
Yes they were. Some placards (I forget the precise era) are in the
files section at
Check for an e-mail with drsoderblom as the author in the list
archives to get more info.

Rob Kirkham
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I'm sure this must have been covered before ( I couldn't find it in
Yahoo search mode), but while constructing some Proto 8K gallon tank
cars I began to wonder when the warning placards used for hazardous
substances began to be used on these cars. Would these be present on
tancars during the early to mid 1950s?
Thanks in advance
Stefan Lerché
Duncan BC Canada

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