Re: War Emergency Hoppers


Hoppers in coal service, by and large, are somewhat captive, but
not always so. Steve Johnson, my L&N/NC&StL/TC Sensei, and I were
discussing this one day. I had bought a set of TC hoppers and was wondering
just how much they would have been seen on L&N and NC&StL rails. Steve
provided me with a list of railroads that he had records for the TC hoppers
being interchanged with, it was quite extensive considering! Steve has
collected a lot of photos of freight cars over the years, and told me he had
one for an L&N twin bay hopper in Calif., and two Reading hoppers in an L&N
coal drag.
I'm a person that advocates reproducing/replicating the commonplace, not
the exception. However, we often hear "there is a prototype for
everything", and to a degree it's true. I plan on one day modleing an early
50's L&N coal drag of 50+ hoppers. the great majority of those cars will be
L&N, but a few NC&StL and TC hoppers will be seen, and there might just be
ONE oddball in the crowd. This, I think, is reasonable.

"This train goes down the Memphis Line!"

I hate to ask a neophyte question, but how far would
these hoppers have traveled in interchange? I've just
assumed, judging by who owned these cars, that they
were in coal service, and therefore captive on home
rails. But I don't really know for sure, therefore the
question. Would these cars have traveled far from home?

Shawn Beckert

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