Gray boxcars, was LL 50' DD Box Part Number

Mark Heiden

Hi Phil,

The Detroit & Mackinac received 300 boxcars built to the 1937 AAR
design that were painted gray with black lettering. Built by General
American in 1947, the cars were numbered 2800-3099. There is a color
photo of 2913 on the Steam Era Freight Cars website:

There are two black and white photos of 2871 and 2926 on Fallen Flags:

At some point they were repainted boxcar red with large, white
billboard lettering, but I don't believe that was until the mid to
late 1960s.

Mark Heiden

--- In, "buchwaldfam" <duff@g...> wrote:

Not counting MOW equipment, does anyone know of any early-mid
1950s general service box cars which were actually painted gray? No,
not kidding here... I keep seeing the photos of the models in primer
in Essential Freight Cars, and have grown kind of partial to
that "paint scheme"! (That was the root of my question from a few
months ago about that light colored box car in Mr. Hom's RPCyc X29
article!) I actually picked up a gray Walthers Pullman "waffle side"
box car, but that doesn't count here. :)

Best regards,
Phil buchwald

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