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In addition to the D&M cars mentioned by Mark, some Georgia Railroad cars were painted gray, or grey with black ends and roofs, including USRA rebuilds (as offered by Tichy). You can find a photo or two in Henderson's CLASSIC FREIGHT CARS.

The SP had some single-sheathed rebuilds with steel sides that may have been gray in revenue service. I have a photo of one I took in the 1960s which is not lettered for MW duty. I could still have been an MW car, as others of this series were MW (including one with a diagonal panel roof that sat behind the Roseville diesel shop for many years, and might still be there). Tony do you know anything about this?

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Ok..... Not counting MOW equipment, does anyone know of any early-mid 1950s general service box cars which were actually painted gray? No, not kidding here... I keep seeing the photos of the models in primer in Essential Freight Cars, and have grown kind of partial to that "paint scheme"! (That was the root of my question from a few months ago about that light colored box car in Mr. Hom's RPCyc X29 article!) I actually picked up a gray Walthers Pullman "waffle side" box car, but that doesn't count here. :)

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And Undec 21033 is Post-war gray in the stealth scheme. Hope this

Larry Grubb

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