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The earliest photos I have seen are from circa 1947-48 w/this roof. I
don't if any drawing exist, but I think there are enough photos of
these would provide enough info. to get the roof correct for this

Bill Welch

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Bill, do you have dates for when this roof change took place?
There's information that says that the roof was replaced on these
cars but no specific dates can be found. I appreciate the
constructive criticism on the kit. The Central of Georgia Railway
Historical Society's goal is to be as accurate as possible on a
project of this type. Do you, or anyone else know if a drawing exist
for the Murphy roof as applied to these cars? It's highly possible
that if the information can be located that a future run of these
cars could incorporate the changes discussed here. Thanks for your
help. Todd Horton

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Although the built up model of this new kit looks to be of high
quality, those of us modeling the post WWII era will not want it
we are willing to overlook the fact that these cars were rebuilt by
this time with a Hutchins roof. The model has the Murphy XLA roof
many cars built in the same era had.

Bill Welch

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