Re: LL 50' DD Box Part Number

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Garth Groff wrote:
The SP had some single-sheathed rebuilds with steel sides that may have
been gray in revenue service. I have a photo of one I took in the 1960s
which is not lettered for MW duty. I could still have been an MW car, as
others of this series were MW (including one with a diagonal panel roof
that sat behind the Roseville diesel shop for many years, and might
still be there). Tony do you know anything about this?
I seriously doubt that it was gray in revenue service. I know of no data confirming such, though there WERE three B-50-24 (Overnight type) box cars in TWO-TONE gray for passenger head-end service. Starting in about 1960, SP changed its MOW color from BCR to gray, so any gray car after that day is almost certainly in, or destined for, MOW duty.

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