Re: LL 50' DD Box Part Number

Mark Heiden

Hi Garth,

I had forgotten about the Georgia Railroad USRA rebuilds. Oddly
enough, I downloaded a scan of GA 19500, circa 1957; it was a sldie
available for sale on Ebay last week or so. I uploaded it to the
Files section, with the filename GA 19500-boxcar-1957.jpg . It's not
a great scan, but it's one more gray boxcar.

Mark Heiden

--- In STMFC@..., Garth Groff <ggg9y@v...> wrote:

In addition to the D&M cars mentioned by Mark, some Georgia Railroad
cars were painted gray, or grey with black ends and roofs, including
USRA rebuilds (as offered by Tichy). You can find a photo or two in

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