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Garrett and all the Newburgh and South Shore cars is listed as built
Magor Car Company. Was the NSS a USS road? Since the ORER entry
says this
is a 40' car maybe my original premise is back in play.
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY
First, what is the number series of the car? (5000s?) My ORER checks
only no 3' IH cars, that would match the IH of the BLE car. Also
remember that NSS built cars (capacity of 2-3 a day at their peak)
including some PRR GS and H21 clones apparently.

Not really sure on the USS bit, a co-worker had family that worked for
them, I will try and ask him in the next few days. They are not
currently in the USS road pool (Transtar, Inc.).

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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