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John Degnan <RailScaler@...>

For all who were interested, I have posted the diagram on my web site that shows the modifications I made to a scale Kadee gearbox for using a Servent Engineering coupler in it. You can see the diagram on the following page :

Comments, complaints, compliments and questions welcome.

John Degnan
John's World on the Web :
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to their own truth!

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Please Post Them!
Has anyone tried coupling a Sergents to the Accurail Scale Coupler?

Lee Singletary
Alabaster, Alabama

On Sun, 10 Apr 2005 14:00:39 -0500 "John Degnan" <RailScaler@...>
> I have just finished work on fitting one of the NEW Sergent coupler
> into one of Kadee's scale draft gearboxes... AND... incorporated a
> CENTERING SPRING! And it works like a charm.
> Using a (modified) 3/16" chisel-blade, I had to completely remove
> the "screw-post" in the Kadee gearbox, and replace it with some
> small, (round) plastic tube of the same or near-same diameter as the
> screw-post hole in the coupler's shank. I cut the tube to the right
> length (which is about 1/32") and glued it in the gearbox slightly
> farther back from where the original post had been to acquire a
> closer coupling effect.
> After the glue dried, I drilled down through the tube through the
> lid of the gearbox to create a new screw-hole. I drilled through
> from the other direction after the lid was installed to relocate the
> hole in the lid. NOTE : Relocating the hole for closer coupling is
> an optional step that will require drilling and tapping a new hole
> on the model which will receive this new assembly.
> Next, I had to slightly file down the sides of the coupler's shank
> next to where the screw-post of the gearbox goes through the shank
> to get it to fit into the Kadee gearbox width-wise. I also had to
> file away some of the thickness of the top of the Sergent's shank to
> keep it from getting pinched between the lid and lower section of
> the gearbox when it is assembled. (The thickness of the Sergent's
> shank is the biggest drawback I can see)
> And the final step was to trim and bend a spare brass strip which I
> got from a LifeLike E-unit (the brass strip that is used for
> centering the rear coupler's mounting pad/arm) and fit it inside the
> Kadee gearbox behind the coupler. I bent the brass strip in a
> 'flat-sided crescent' shape so that there would be a flat section of
> it touching the flat end of the coupler, leaving the two ends of the
> brass strip to end (terminate) in the rear corners of the gearbox.
> All-in-all, this took about an hour to complete... trial and error
> time included. Now I have a coupler and gearbox combination that
> simply cannot be beat!
> Diagram of parts and steps (and maybe photos as well) coming as soon
> as I have time to get them done. If interested, let me know.
> John Degnan
> RailScaler@...
> John's World on the Web :
> Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to
> their own truth!

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