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The "coupler box" is made for the original Mantua loop coupler. It was
suspended from the end sill rect. hole and the screw holding the loop
and hook. The slope in the underframe was to allow the hook to be raised
to uncouple. The screw also held the underframe to the floor. The trucks
mounted to the underfrane casting. You should be able to unscrew the
couplers and trucks, remove the underframe, cut the underframe sloped
ends to make room for coupler boxes, mount the couplers (they may stick
out a little like a cushioned sill), glue the underframe (with Goo (tm)
or equivalent) to the floor and put the trucks back on.

Steam was still running when the last of these were made.

Doug Brown

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... as in this -model- might have been around when steam
was still running ... *W*

I have a really old, all metal, Mantua flat car that actually
has pretty fair detail and well done paint and decals. But it
has the really old style Kadees that have a long, narrow,
rectangular slot in the coupler shank instead of a round hole
like a #5 or #58. The paint on this car is nice enough that
I think I'll try to rescue it. The biggest problem is that it
doesn't have a real coupler pocket like a more modern
HO car has - it has a rectangular hole in the end frame and
a hole in the fishbelly center sill - but no "pocket". So the
coupler doesn't sit "flat" it runs uphill towards the end of
the car. I'd really like to mount a standard Kadee box.
The current coupler is mounted with a screw and washer
thru the slot and no centering/buffer springs - crude but it
works ... sort of - nothing to center it if it off line. The
existing 'pocket' is considerably smaller than the size of a
Kadee box ... but the end frame seems to be cast metal
and can be "opened up" with a little care ...

Anybody ever tried to file/mill away the coupler pocket
and install a traditional Kadee on one of these? Can be done?
Don't even go there?
- Jim in San

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