Re: 7' Youngstown or Superior door

Ed Hawkins

On Monday, April 18, 2005, at 07:34 AM, centga@... wrote:

Ed, any chance we will see these underframes from Kadee one day? Todd
I guess there's always a chance, but the cushion underframes were used
on just 100 cars built in small quantities (25 being the most) for
eight different railroads. Two of these are cars that look virtually
identical to other PS-1s that Kadee has offered with normal PS-1
underframes (Erie and N&W).

Both Kadee and InterMountain offer PS-1 models that could be used for
these P-S lot 8160 series of cars. It would be up to these companies to
make the decision whether it's worth the sales potential to spend money
developing the tooling for the cushion underframe. Perhaps Sam Clarke
and Matt Gaudynski might reply with their thoughts on this.
Ed Hawkins

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