Re: Ebay Auction Rohm & Haas Decal-What time period is this?

Ian Cranstone

On 21-Apr-05, at 12:43 PM, Richard Hendrickson wrote in response to Tom Olsen:

Tom, to the best of my knowledge (without spending a lot of time
researching the subject), Rohm & Haas did not own its own cars or have
reporting marks assigned during the steam era; in the late '50s photos
I have or have seen of tank cars with R&H P/L, all the cars were leased
either from SHPX or NATX. Before the late '50s, when the R&H P/L
scheme apparently first came into use, it can be assumed that their
commodities were shipped in leased "plain Jane" tank cars with the
reporting marks of the lessor.
A quick look at my reporting marks listing ( shows that Rohm & Haas were using the RAHX reporting mark as early as 4/1938, although I haven't checked to see if any cars were listed at this time.

I did look at their listing in the October 1953 ORER (the first one that came to hand, I can look at others if useful) and it shows 37 cars under the RAHX mark. This seems like a small number for a large company, and I suspect there were many others under leasing company marks as Richard has stated. I also note that the home point for RAHX cars was given as Sharon, PA, which suggests to me that they were all leased from GATC.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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