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Andy Harman wrote:

Date of photo is July, 1974. Northbound at Osborn Tower, Hammond
IN, on
the Penn Central.
Jeff Prince wrote:
According to the October 1974 ORER, there were still 587 of these
(series 82500-83249) in service. Now, whether or not they were
actually in
"use" is another story.
Thanks for posting the numbers in service for us Jeff. This class of
NP stock cars was used for a variety of commodities during the 1970s
(post-NP era), including grain loading, livestock, and company tie
service (principal tie service car during this time). I would have
to ask Dan Holbrook for sure, but I don't think they were used for

Andy, you earlier asked about offline uses for these cars. In the
early-mid 1970s this NP car was probably a grain load (returning
empty) to Buffalo or Albany on PC. You asked about other stock cars;
BN rostered several flavors of ex-Q, NP, and GN stockcars, and many
were still in use in the services mentioned above. Livestock was
loaded at several BN sites, although by the 1970s most were NP sites,
such as the Gallatin Valley of MT.

David Lehlbach

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