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yes and in an ideal world, child abuse, genocide and
pedophilia wouldn't exist either. His business is
putting out well-crafted models, not the internet.
Just because we enjoy the exchange of knowledge
doesn't mean we have to impose our will on others, any
more than we should impose our own personal modelling
preferences on everyone around us. I love the N&W in
the steam era and joined this group specifically to
gather information about freight car operations and
prototypes from that era. should I demand that
everyone here model 1954 N&W Bristol line like i do?
Don't think so.
What does everyone here think of the Branchline kits?
I am by no means an accomplished kit assembler,
although I try. Are these kits nice enough to look at
while easy enough to assemble?
Also, a little off-topic but I have an older MDC
Roundhouse 2-8-0 kit that belonged to my dad. I want
to assemble it but the instructions are gone. Anyone
have a source for those?

Bob Welsh

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Standard Time,
STMFC@... writes:
Sorry, but Martin doesn't do e-mail. He's too busy
with the business.
Letters work, but he can be slow to answer
But it is about high time he did. The internet is a
powerful source of
information and becoming essential to both producers
and consumers. Seems that
Westerfield isn't crippled by being too busy with
the HIS business to use the
internet. I don't think this is the case, I think
it is an excuse to cover an
aversion to learning to use the internet. I don't
see more Sunshine models
coming out versus Westerfield, so the "busy"
argument doesn't hold much water.
It would be nice to see what Martin has available
via a website rather than
have to write each time you need a product list, and
then wait two to three
months to get the information! Would it be better
if this list didn't exist and we
sent out a letter every two to three months with
everyone's questions and
answers? I think it's time for Martin to join the
real world.

Jerry Michels

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