Rapid Protyping and advanced mold making

Andy Carlson

I have a first hand report on a roundhouse brick wall
in HO produced in injection molded styrene. The bricks
were reported to be the finest Terry Wegmann has seen
in plastic. The walls were CAD 'ed by the increasingly
productive Jim Booth, and the mold maker cut the
tooling with a focused laser cutter into the metal

Terry has been working with a Laser Tooling maker for
2 years to make molds for producing styrene SP
Overnight doors (and 2 other improved Youngstown 10-0
6' doors), the mold maker patiently waiting for the
CAD data to proceed.

I saw at Terry's work a large scale switch stand which
went from CAD to SL to wax to investment part. No hand
prototyping. Real Cool!

I don't see much time passing before complete laser
cut injection molded freight car kits (& RTR) becoming
available. The implications can be enormous- imagine
freight car kit construction returning to our shores!
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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