Branchline kits (was Sunshine and the Internet)

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Bob and anyone else interested,

There are three flavors of Branchline. Originally they decorated and
sold kits from several manufacturers. These kits were of simple
(Athearn) to moderately complex (adding ladders and such) from E&C
When they started manufacturing their own kits, the Blueprint series,
they went all out. Separate ends (4/4, r3/4 early, r3/4 late, Dartnaught
and Despatch [NYC]) and roofs (rectangular panel, diagonal panel,
overhanging diagonal panel and Despatch) are supplied. Undecorated kits
have all roofs and ends so you can build what you wanted. Decorated kits
have the roof and ends of the prototype. Bodies are available with
straight, tapered and tabbed side sills. Each sill type undecorated kits
and decorated kits with the prototype sills. They are very well
researched with input from some on this list, with credits on the
instruction sheets. They are not hard to build, but they take time and
care. The brake systems are nearly complete and require care removing
the remains of the "sprues" them and from ladders, grabs, etc. I bought
some on ebay; the seller had built one (quite well in fact) but it was
too much for him.
They also make the Yardmaster series with cast on ladders and grabs on
one piece bodies. These are of easier construction as a result.
If you have the tools needed and have patience, I highly recommend the
Blueprint kits. The Yardmaster kits are also good, just a lower level of
detail construction.

Doug Brown

PS AND they still sell KITS!!

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What does everyone here think of the Branchline kits?
I am by no means an accomplished kit assembler,
although I try. Are these kits nice enough to look at
while easy enough to assemble?
Also, a little off-topic but I have an older MDC
Roundhouse 2-8-0 kit that belonged to my dad. I want
to assemble it but the instructions are gone. Anyone
have a source for those?

Bob Welsh

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