Re: Ebay Auction Rohm & Haas Decal-What time period is this?

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

The photo was taken in July 1957. A copy of the same photo which I
received from Joe Henry just recently appeared in the Phila Chapter
magazine "The High Line." When I wrote the note, I accidentally picked
up the date (8-58) from the end of the caption on the photo.

Actually the date given in the caption of the 6738 being dropped from
the roster is incorrect! The correct whiteline date was 11-19-58 and
the locomotive was sold for scrap on 9-3-59. Sorry for the mix-up!

The Penn had prepared to fire up a number of steam locomotives in early
Spring 1958 for yard use, but the United States Steel strike that year
scotched the whole works, so that the last revenue use of steam was in
November 1957.

In regard to the Rohm & Haas use of tank cars, I thank all who responded
to my questions.

Tom Olsen
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Tom or Gail Madden wrote:

On Apr 20, 2005, at 10:21 PM, Tom Olsen wrote: seems that the company had leased cars from SHPX as I have

a slide taken at Lewistown Pa on 4-30-58 by Joe Henry Kline (a PRRT&HS
member) of an 8K tank car numbered SHPX-18373 tucked in behind a PRR
M-1a 4-8-2 & an GP-9 on an eastbound arriving to work.

Forgive my ignorance here, not being a Pennsy expert and all, but steam was
still operating on the Middle Division in the Spring of '58??

Tom Madden

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