Re: Essential freight cars in RMC

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 22, 2005, at 11:16 AM, Clyde Williams wrote:

Is this a new poll? If so, how about a decent styrene 36' stock car,
open or solid ended, both would be better. As in other cars, the MDC
just doesn't cut it.
Bill Williams
Bill, AFAIK a 36' stock car in styrene isn't high on any manufacturer's priority list for future production. However, resin kits ar ethe subject ofTed's series in RMC, and Westerfield makes fine resin kits for the SP/T&NO/NWP etc. 36' stock cars, which were the most numerous cars of that type during the steam era, as well as for the MILW's 36' stock cars, of which there were more than 3,000.

Other RRs that had large numbers of 36' stock cars were the Burlington and the C&NW, and some day it would be nice to have resin kits for those as well (the Q cars have been done in HO, but only in brass).

Richard Hendrickson

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