Re: [PM-list] WofA PS-1 Model

Richard Hendrickson

Bruce Smith wrote:

A couple of years ago, I picked up a dry transfer set from Campbell Road (I
think) of S&A and A&WP (I believe) boxcars. The data sets led me to
believe that they were appropriate for 1937 40' AAR, 10'6" interior height
cars. Is this true? What did these roads have in this style? Any
additional guides/comments on color etc.
Bruce, as of 8/47 the S&A had no AAR steel box cars of any description,
though by 1950 they had acquired 50 cars numbered 8200-8249 which have the
dimensions of 10'6" IH AAR cars (but may also have been PS-1s - I can't
locate a photo of one).

The A&WP and WofA, on the other hand received a hundred 10'0" IH AAR steel
box cars from Pullman-Standard in 12-41, 60 of which became WofA
17300-17359 while the other 40 went the A&WP as their 37300-37339. These
cars had 4-5 W-corner-post Dreadnuaght ends, Murphy rectangular panel
roofs, Youngstown corrugated doors, Miner hand brakes, and AAR
self-aligning spring-plankless trucks. The A&WP also owned another 25 cars
of the same dimensions numbered 37500-37524, though I'm not sure when/where
they were built.

In September of 1947 another hundred steel box cars of AAR design, this
time with 10'6" IH, were delivered, 50 to the WofA as 17600-17649 and the
other 50 to the A&WP as 37600-37649. I don't know the builder on these,
but they had 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught ends, Murphy rectangular panel roofs,
postwar Youngstown corrugated doors, Ajax hand brakes, and ASF A-3 Ride
Control trucks.

When new, both the 1941 and 1947 cars were painted black with aluminum
sides, black doors, black paint behind the side ladders, and black
stenciling. In later years, they were mineral red with white stenciling.

I have photos of the WofA cars I could sca and send as JPEG files, if that
would be helpful.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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