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Richard Hendrickson

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Just a few questions regarding the details of Santa Fe Bx-13

1) What sort of roof were the cars delivered with?
Murphy solid steel (without rectangular panels)
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply. What does a Murphy solid steel roof look like?
I don't have much to go on, as far as photos go. It looks very
similar to the roof on USRA boxcars: flat panels with narrow, low-
relief seams. Richard Hendrickson
Some cautionary notes, to start with. You have to be careful about
using the USRA box car roofs as a reference point because the roofs
actually installed on the USRA box cars (pivoted flexible outside metal
sheathed) were not the same as those shown in the widely published USRA
drawings. And neither the proposed USRA roofs nor the ones actually
applied to the cars were remotely similar to the Murphy solid steel
roof, as they both consisted of metal sheathing over wood. with steel
internal carlines.

The easiest way to describe the Murphy solid steel roof is to say that
it was like the Murphy rectangular panel roof that was widely used in
the '30s and'40s on AAR box cars except that it lacked the raised
rectangular stiffening panels between the seam caps. Both were
self-supporting; the upset flanges of the steel roof sheets to which
the inverted U-shaped seam caps were riveted provided structural
support, eliminating the need for internal carlines.
The pre-1932 Murphy solid steel roof is well illustrated in the 1925,
1928, and 1931 issues of the Car Builders' Cyclopedia.

I will add that this discussion seems sort of pointless (unless, of
course, you're modeling in some other scale than HO) since the roofs
and everything else in Al Westerfield's excellent resin kits for the
Bx-13 class are accurately rendered, and those kits are so obviously
the way to go in modeling the Bx-13s that I can't imagine doing it any
other way.

Richard Hendrickson

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