Rapid Prototyping, STMFC, and needed kits

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

I enjoyed the discussion on rapid prototyping... seems like things are
progressing nicely from just 5 years ago and it prompts me to wonder -- and
ask -- at what point does a group of STMFC subscribers (or a club) pool
resources to have a missing kit created?

Surely cost will be the major factor, but I'm curious to hear other opinions
as to how far fetched this idea is. Will it take a cost of $3000 for resin
masters to cause something to happen? One could think in terms of how many
$30 kits instead of $$, so $3000 + casting materials is somewhere north of
100 kits. Or does the upfront expense need to go as low as $1000 / > 30
kits? Heck, I've got one car in mind that I'd like 20+ so to my thinking
$1000 is rapidly approaching a one person deal, albeit a bit higher desire
for a car than most, but still within the realm of plausible.

Or do you expect the more traditional approach -- that of a side business by
one slightly entrepreneurial guy to be the more likely path taken?

At what point does it make more sense to switch from resin masters to
styrene molds? Beats me.

And of course the other half of the question is this: are there obvious car
candidates for such a project?

All food for thought.

Dave Nelson

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