Re: NP 40' gon, anyone?

Jim and Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

I'll fire off a letter to Martin and wait to hear what's available.
--blair kooistra
If you're just ordering the gons, they are certainly available. Asking about
availability just adds 30-60 days or more to the time it takes to receive
what you want. In the past I've even included a postcard with a box that
just needed to be checked and it still took almost 60 days to get a
response. Add that on to the 6 months it'll take after you place an order
and we're talking major time here.
My method is to order what I want unless it's marked Discontinued on my
list. Close outs are usually available. The worst that can happen is you'll
get a check back for part of your order.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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