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On Apr 24, 2005, at 5:05 PM, Jim and Lisa Hayes wrote:

For historical interest, here, minus the ones already covered, is Ted's
original Essential Freight Cars list from 2 years ago.

9. ATSF Bx-11/-12/-13 SS box cars (Westerfield)
forthcoming (these are ARA single sheathed cars)

11. X29/'23 ARA and other derivatives (Red Caboose, Sunshine, Yankee
12. 1932 ARA box car (Sunshine, Yankee Clipper)
13. 1937 AAR box car (IMWX, Red Caboose)
14. Mod. 1937 AAR box car (Intermountain, Sunshine)
15. MP Howe truss SS box cars (Sunshine)
done already... see alternate ARA single sheathed cars article

16. Southern DS auto cars and 36' truss rod uframe cars (Sunshine and
Westerfield, respectively)
done under articles about Southern 36' truss rod cars and ARA double sheathed cars

17. Wabash SS auto cars (Funaro)
18. ARA SS cars - B&M, SAL B-3/-4/-5 (Funaro on B&M and Funaro? on SAL)
19. Anthracite theme - DL&W ARA DS cars and LV 'wrong way' cars (Sunshine
and Funaro)
done under ARA double sheathed cars

20. PRR X31 et al (Bowser, Central Hobbies, Sunshine)
21. Milw ribbed side and B&O wagontops (plus sidebar on PRR X37 - all
Sunshine or Central Hobbies on Wagontop)
22. PRR GS gons and derivatives and NYC USRA type rebuilt or built new
steel gons (Sunshine and Funaro)
24. SFRD 'ARA' and 'USRA' type rebuilt reefers (Sunshine and Intermountain)
27. NYC USRA design steel box cars (Westerfield)
30. ATSF box car rebuilds (non-USRA - Sunshine mini kit)
done under ARA double sheathed cars

32. ACL 40' steel furniture cars (who will make this?)
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