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I do not know how they extracted coconut oil but they use H2SO4 it
get the corn oil. They put the corn in the acid ......


You are mistaken. they don't make corn oil with sulfuric acid, they
make corn syrup from corn starch.

I did not say any thing about corn syrup. I said corn oil. Like you get in a bottle to cook with.
When I was a yard clerk on the UPRR at Topeka KS on the north side of the UPRR tracks just across from the UPRR Topeka Depot was a corn oil company named Forbes.
They made corn oil using H2SO4 and corn. Tank cars of H2SO4 were hauled in by the UPRR in tank cars and they bought the corn from local Elevators. The cobs were used in feed. This was in the 1940s and early 1950s. I worked there in 1949/50/51. You do not make corn oil. You extract it from the corn. You can press it out or you can use acid to dissolve every thing but the oil. The Acid must be H2SO4 because it will not dissolve oil or fat.
In the creamery I worked in we used H2SO4 to tell us how much butter fat was in the cream. We put a measured amount of cream in a small flask. Then a measured amount of acid, shook it up in a machine and then added water and read the % of butter fat in our sample. Every thing was dissolved but the fat. It was sitting on top of the brew in the flask.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
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