Walthers USRA hoppers


I'm surprised at the road names that Walthers is offering for
their "new" USRA hopper.

NYCentral is absent; I always thought that this car and it's clones
were very common on that railroad.

According to "Common Northeastern Open top Hopper Cars" PRR only had
a few of these among many, many 2 bay hoppers (some of which are
accurately available from Bowser) and N&W and WM didn't have any.
Stewart offered both of the WM cars and a legitimate peaked end
version of the N&W fish belly side hopper.

It looks like Walthers is offering what they think will sell, rather
than what's correct prototype.

I guess what they say about NYC modelers is true - not too many are
interested in prototype freight cars.

Someone must have the same opinion about Erie modelers. Proto 2000
skipped Erie when they released their 2-8-4s.


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