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My only experience with Kadee running boards is applying them to Red
Caboose '37 AAR box cars. The RC car comes with wood running boards
and my M&StL box cars should have Apex and USG running boards.

The underside of the RC roof is cored for hole locations which match
the Kadee pin spacing. I drilled out the first roof with loose holes
and superglued the running board in place. It immediately buckled
upward giving me a 'wavy' running board. That surprised me because
before gluing the running board lay flat.

Now I drill the RC roofs with a press-fit hole, use no glue of any
sort and have flat running boards. Not only does this seem to work
well but it speeds up the project some. I am doing 35 RC '37 AAR box
cars lettered for the M&StL representing cars from four different
series. Now that the Superior and Equipco hand brakes I need are
both available from Red Caboose I can do them right.

The reason I continued on with the Kadee running boards rather than
trying something else - and I saw some good ideas in this thread - is
because I had already bought 50 Kadee running boards and didn't want
them to go to waste.

Gene Green

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