Re: Essential freight cars in RMC


--- In STMFC@..., Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@s...> wrote:
..." Since when could a PRR stock car appear on RR's on the West Coast
in any quantity to justify a western RR modeler to waste his time and
resources on a PRR stock car at the expense of other freight cars
which would be far more appropriate to appear on his layout?

Tim, I agree, but is it possible that the K8 was a standard design
used by other railroads too? Ambroid letters the cars for several
different railroads. I've noticed that NKP and WP had some near
identical stock cars; they certainly weren't neighbors.

Regarding the statement that N&W's hoppers were mostly "stay at homes"
I've seen photos of all hopper trains on the Erie consisting of PRR
and NYC hoppers with an occasional N&W hopper. I assume that these
trains were delivering bituminous coal.


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