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Garth Groff <ggg9y@...>


Actually, the company was Fitshugh-Luther. Although F-L built no stock cars for the Northern Electric Railway, they did build 50 boxcars, and about 175 flats (the number is a bit uncertain, due to fill-ins of lost cars). Most of these cars were passed off the Sacramento Northern Railroad in 1918, and quite a few served the SNRY after 1929. A few even survive today.

Please check my web site: , and for photos and other information.

If you have more information of Fitzhugh-Luther, I would be very interested to trade data with you.

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I am working on kits of the Fitz-Luther Company of Hammond, Indiana cattle cars.

The Yosemite Valley RR had three of these 36 foot cars.

Anyone know what other roads that might have had these same cattle cars?


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