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Richard White

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Armand Premo wrote:

"Group : I have approximately 300 freight cars.I am trying to replicate a
system operating in 1948.I would like to have some idea of the ratios by
road for this period."

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I asked a very similar question last year, the gist of which was:

"The data I am looking for is a listing of the numbers of freight cars owned
by each of the railroads which was compiled by the ICC from the statistical
returns submitted by the railroads. This data may be available from another
source. I would also like to get a breakdown of the freight car population
by type of car (e.g. boxcars, reefers, open hoppers, covered hoppers,
gondolas, stockcars, tankcars etc.). I believe that the annual reports of
the ICC contained this data in tables. The period I am interested in is the
immediately post World War II era."

I got a lot of interesting replies to this. I made a digest of them all and
have sent a copy to Armand. Anyone else who wants one, please contact me off

Richard White

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