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On Apr 26, 2005, at 12:52 AM, Thomas M. Olsen wrote:

Martin Lofton already has the new masters for the X29B and X26C from
Frank Hodina on hand. Frank passed them to Martin prior to Martin's
California trip. They will be offered as flat kits, but he has not yet
poured the casting rubber for molds. If everyone on this list that has
an interest in getting Martin to put these cars out this year, then they
should drop him or Tricia Lofton a note requesting them.

It has taken me almost 6 years to convince him to reissue these cars
which had originally been Unibody kits. The Unibody kits was made up
of a C&BT body and Sunshine castings and underframe parts.
Unfortunately, you had a lot of work to do to build them and almost
everyone that I know who bought them, still hasn't built them.

So if you want the X29B and X26C, write or call Martin and ask him to
begin casting and releasing them!
The X26C is imminent. I did artwork for decals and had an in-progress casting of a side that was used to confirm fit of the artwork to the model. I don't know anything about the X29B, and while I appreciate its value to many, its release is of little value to me as I can't use any. I'll say a prayer for the rest of you, though.

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