Re: War Emergency Hoppers

Richard Hendrickson

Ted Culotta, after a very good and succinct summary of hopper car traffic
patterns (also usefully supplemented by Bruce Smith) wrote:

Richard and others will have to help you with the Western cars, although
comparatively, there were few hoppers west of Chicago.
In the case of the War Emergency hoppers, the only western road that had
them was the Santa Fe (the Burlington hardly qualifies as western, from the
perspective of a native westerner, as Denver and Cody, WY are only on the
extreme eastern edge of the true west). The Santa Fe used their WE hoppers
for coal service on the eastern part of the system and also for borate
service on the Mojave desert in Calif. In neither role did they go
off-line much; all the photos I have show them on Santa Fe rails except for
one Paul Dunn shot of a Ga-62 at Zanesville, OH. The Q cars were used
mostly in Illinois coal service, as were the Illinois Central's. So the
generalization that these cars didn't stray far from home rails applies out
west as well as on the eastern coal roads.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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