Re: F-70-7-- possible stand-in for C&EI?

Ed Hawkins

On Friday, April 29, 2005, at 06:24 AM, Scott Pitzer wrote:

In Classic Freight Cars Volume 6 by Maywald (I almost wrote
"Henderson") there's C&EI 70-ton flat 42088 and the very similar
looking SP 562781.  Similar in having 16 stake pockets, with close
spacing for the two nearest each end.
Is the C&EI car in the ballpark?  I suppose it depends on what league
you're playing in.  (And I'm taking a chance on whether it was built
by the end of our era.)

Scott Pitzer
The SP and C&EI cars are of the same design and are both included on
the same AC&F general arrangement drawing. Last year I notified Bill
McClung of Red Caboose about this and sent him a good scan of the C&EI
car along with the painting specs. However, to date I've not seen any
evidence of a C&EI model from RC.
Ed Hawkins

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