Re: Proto 2000 tank car

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Eric Petersson says:

I think you're missing Garrett's point. We prototype junkies tend to
buy these things by the dozen and then when we have what we need we

The vesties buy tend to buy the pretty colored one at a time.

So more of the black ones get sold to dealers up front. The colored
ones sell but over time. So the maufacturer ends up discounting them
to get rid of them.
Time is, of course, money.

I bet if you did a pretty colored car of the month club, well, maybe
not by that name, the great vestie rabble would go and subscribe to
it with abandon.
Perhaps. Buying the single car as usual I imagine.'s not really relevent to speculate on what might happen when data exists with regard to what DID happen. A manufacturer has to develop marketing strategies based on known results as much as possible.

Mike Brock

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