Re: F-70-7-- possible stand-in for C&EI?

Ed Hawkins

On Saturday, April 30, 2005, at 03:54 PM, Ted Culotta wrote:

If there is a stencil drawing for the C&EI cars at the MOT, I'llĀ 
gladly make decals (soon, too).
Ted Culotta
Unfortunately, no stencil drawing exists for this car in the MOT
collection. The railroad likely furnished AC&F a drawing of how they
wanted the car to be stenciled. I've got a decent broadside photo that
I could scan and put on the STMFC web site. This photo is from a 35 mm
copy neg, but should be adequate. I don't know about the ends. A lot of
flat cars didn't have any end lettering anyway. I'll send the scan your

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