Re: Flat car decks


Charles Etheredge says:
I've enjoyed the posts concerning decks of flats and the weathering of
the same. I've acquired several RC SP/TNO flats with wooden decks. The
question I have is what is the best adhesive to use to glue them to
the body?
It seems to me that any CA would set too quick to get the exact
placement needed. Goo is messy. What are your recomendations?
Also, I plan on weathering the decks before attaching them. Is this
the best way? Thanks
I have become a conver to real wooden decksd as well, but I build them
board by board <G>. I attach the boards using a slower setting CA (15-30
seconds or so) and not the super thin stuff. The same would work for the
laser cut decks.

Absolutely weather you decks before they are installed. I used brown and
black shoe dyes in varying amounts to get anything from new wood to silver
grey old wood. The body should be painted and weathered, at least
partially, then the decks attached, and the weathering blended...

My next project is to make the decks on a couple of brass PRR F22 gun
flats look like real wood (since I can't use real wood for them) <VBG>


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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