Re: SP Rebuilt B-50-15 class

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Gene Deimling wrote:
I am looking for information on the type of brake wheel/gear box used on the
B-50-15 that were rebuilt with steel sheathing. The pictures in my
collection don't show with any clarity the make. The SP seemed to use a
wide variety of designs on their early steel cars like Universal, Ajax and
Equipco and Ureco. I am trying to build up some kits and wanted to get the
equipment configuration correct. I am doing a rebuilt 14480 series with a
Murphy Radial roof and a 31560 series with a Murphy panel roof.
Gene, pictures right after WW II still show vertical-staff hand brakes (or, if you will, horizontal wheels). Clearly the steel sides were added without adding vertical-wheel hand brakes. Later some did get vertical wheels. I have two photos showing Ajax in the 1950s. How many, and which, others might have been used I can't say.

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